The MHS Culture Fair: “A Wide World Inside Our Small School”


Micheline Jasinski

An idea that was created two months ago is now being set in motion. The Middleton High School Culture Fair, which will take place on Friday, May 25th, has much to offer. When asking Ellie Taylor, one of the creators of the fair, she cites her inspiration saying, “I am a member of a group called the Middleton Student Equity Coalition, and pretty much what we do is meet with leaders of the student equity groups: like the Black Student Union, the Latino Unidos, SAGE (Sexuality And Gender Equality Club), and Middle Eastern Student Union. We all came together and were talking about what we wanted to do for the end of the year.” Ellie further added to her point by describing the Student Equity Coalition’s desire to have an event that “brought us all together and showed how different minority students can come together and raise a collective voice in the school.”

So you may be asking, what will be present at the Culture Fair? Lauren Dahler, a member of Middleton High School’s Student Voice Union, explained that: “Different people are going to present on parts of their culture.” When comparing the Culture Fair to previous events, Taylor remarked, “It is similar to the Club Fair where students can walk around, and there are lots of booths set up.” The event is set to unfold during lunch/advisory in the fieldhouse, which will allow for students in all grade levels to experience the booths and presentations during school hours. Students will be exposed to many different groups, not only ethnicity groups. For example, one booth is expected to be focused on adoption, and another for students with disabilities.

Dahler and Taylor sang a similar tune when asked about the purpose of the event. Lauren asserted, “At times Middleton doesn’t seem like a very diverse community, but I think the Culture Fair will help people realize that there are definitely different types of people that make up our Middleton community.” Taylor concurred, adding that the Culture Fair is “a very effective way to do that,” when referring to spreading awareness. Planning for the event has only just begun, so if you are interested in being a part of the event, contact Ellie Taylor at [email protected]