Your October/November Horoscope


Mia Burkholder

We have officially entered Scorpio season! What is your sign?

Mia Burkholder

We have officially entered Scorpio season! This will be a time for transformation. Many signs had a rough time during Libra season, which ended on October 22nd, so take some time to pull yourself back together and get some work done. Conveniently, Scorpio season will be an excellent time for productivity. From now until November 21st, our Scorpios will be celebrating their birthdays. But what is going to happen to all of our signs while we are in this season?

Typically, during each “season,” your traits related to that sign will be heightened. In other words, all of our Scorpio traits will be turned up a notch during the current season. These include jealousy, intuition, obsession, passion, and one that may be very helpful: determination. You may be feeling more determined lately, so make the most of this without overdoing it.

Scorpios tend to obsess over their mistakes (and others’). This will impact Virgos especially. They are an extremely critical and perfectionistic sign (much like Scorpios), so this time can be dangerous for you. However, for other signs, especially ones that may not typically be determined, like Libra and Sagittarius, this is a great time to complete the work you have been postponing. If you didn’t finish it in Virgo season, now’s your time! Try to complete any large projects before November 22nd, when we move into Sagittarius season. This will be a good time to rest and refresh but not the best time to complete your work.

You also may be feeling more emotional, secretive, and jealous. Expressing your feelings to others during this time is important. Since your emotions may be strengthened, especially jealousy, it is essential to let them out and resist the temptation to be secretive. Pisces will have a hard time with this, but try your best! Organize some one-on-one time with a friend to let it all out, or set aside some time to de-stress. All signs may be wanting to work all the time with their new sense of determination, but this can be draining.

Interfering with Scorpio season, however, is Mercury. Mercury will be in retrograde starting November 17th and ending December 5th. What does this mean? Mercury will slow down, making it appear to move backward. During this time, the areas of our lives that Mercury controls can spin out of control, meaning productivity levels will take a hit. Mercury controls communication, so you may struggle with communicating to yourself what you want to achieve. It also controls decision-making, so even if you can express to yourself what you need to complete, you may have trouble deciding when to do it and what the best way to go about the task is, slowing yourself down. Try your best to stay flexible during this time and finish your work before Mercury is in retrograde.

This isn’t all bad, though — Mercury in retrograde is a great time to relearn information you may have forgotten and to take a break in communication with people you may want to distance yourself from. Take some time to focus on yourself!

See you in Sagittarius season!

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