The 2010s: That’s a Wrap


Micheline Jasinski

The decade represented a compilation of the most influential headlines ranging from student activism to the inauguration of a new president.

Micheline Jasinski

As a student in AP US History, I am enveloped by the past as we remember it in hindsight. After reading about the War of Jenkin’s Ear — an incident inflaming relations between the English and the Spanish, where a Spanish privateer cut off Robert Jenkins’ ear for his role in raiding ships — I became lost in reflection. My thoughts first began with who named the War of Jenkins Ear? Eventually, I fell down a wormhole of deeper questions that I have yet to solve. Who names events and eras? What will our era be called? What events are essential to the narrative of 2010? What will be forgotten? What will I remember?

Creating a timeline felt like the first step in unraveling these questions. As I plotted out the last ten years of my life in current events, I found myself reminiscing happily on some incidents while others brought me back to the anxiety I experienced at the time. 

For instance, reading about the great clown panic of 2016 left me rolling in laughter as I remembered clowns announcing they would be at one of the Middleton High School football games during my freshman year. This was both the first and last football game I was adamant about attending. To my disappointment, they did not show up.

As I read about the legalization of same-sex marriage, I sat back from my computer in disbelief. Same-sex marriage has only been legal for four years. 

Looking back at the truly terrible events that unfolded, I felt a sense of sadness while remembering the shooting at Sandy Hook. I was in sixth grade, and my innocence was shattered when I learned that humans are capable of such evils. I had nightmares every night for three months straight.

If you forget what happened during the last ten years of your life, look no further. While everyone has experienced the decade differently, the following is a list of the events that stand out in my mind as the ones that will be remembered.


Timeline of the 2010s