Thank You

Aaron Boorstein

Dear Middleton High School Community,

Thank you for reading The Cardinal Chronicle. Thank you for sharing The Cardinal Chronicle. Thank you for supporting The Cardinal Chronicle

When I look back to our first Editorial Board meeting, I smile. Sitting with Mrs. Miller in room 2012, at 7:30 am, we discussed our vision for The Cardinal Chronicle. As sophomores at the time, little did we know that as graduated seniors, we would publish almost 200 articles, win over a dozen Best of School Newspapers Online (SNO) awards, attend numerous journalism conferences, and build a life-long community of friends.

As a sophomore, I founded The Cardinal Chronicle, determined to provide Middleton students with a platform to amplify their voices; there needed to be a medium through which MHS students could hear important stories and share them. With the incredible skill, leadership, work ethic, and perseverance of the Editorial Board and reporters, we have filled this need. And, we have accomplished all of this despite the enormous limitation that plagues high school journalism programs: surviving as an extracurricular activity instead of an academic offering with no consistent, structured instructional time.

Establishing the first student newspaper at Middleton High School in over a decade was not an easy task. We spent weeks designing the website, drafting mission statements, formulating a publication plan, creating deadlines, recruiting reporters, and learning how to write a journalistic article. We spent months building support from students, staff, families, and the Middleton-Cross Plains community. We faced many obstacles but overcame them with profound poise. Most importantly, we built an inclusive, welcoming community where anyone could join and feel accepted.

I’ll always remember the exciting process of establishing the club, the weekly meetings, the incredible articles, the many team bonding activities, the journalism conferences, the guest speakers, and the great times I had with everyone.

This publication would not be where it is today without the guidance, passion, and education that Mrs. Miller provided. When The Cardinal Chronicle formed, Mrs. Miller, who was in her first year at MHS, generously offered to be the advisor. Her experience and passion for journalism allowed the publication to have opportunities, education, and leadership that we wouldn’t have otherwise had. Whether it was teaching us how to be better journalists, drawing on connections to provide us with fantastic opportunities, or giving advice on everything from the newspaper to our daily lives, Mrs. Miller was always there for us. 

Through thick and thin, the Editorial Board of The Cardinal Chronicle has always strived for success. This team of highly-skilled writers, ambitious leaders, and passionate problem-solvers have created what you all know as The Cardinal Chronicle. They’re some of the most motivated and thoughtful people I know, and because of them, this publication has been able to achieve things I had only dreamed of as a sophomore.

However, it’s time to say goodbye.

Throughout the past few months, I’ve thought a lot about what the future of the Chronicle will look like. There’s no telling what the new Editorial Board and staff will have accomplished by this time next year or in the next three years. While there are many challenges ahead, I can say with confidence that the future of this publication is bright. 

The incoming Editorial Board is smart, motivated, passionate, and eager to continue the robust growth of The Cardinal Chronicle. With the graduation of our Editorial Board, and the departure of Mrs. Miller, who will be teaching at Whitewater High School this fall, the incoming Editorial Board will need your support now more than ever. Though let me be clear, readers, you’re in great hands with this new Editorial Board. 

Please continue to read, share, and support The Cardinal Chronicle

Thank you.