Must-Do Holiday Activities


Mia Burkholder

Skiing, one of the most popular winter activities started to become popular in the 1800s!

Nuha Khatri

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it can be difficult to cover every festive and enjoyable activity on your to-do list. Not to worry — here are some holiday must-do’s that will leave you and your loved ones counting down the days until you are finally able to experience the wintry magic awaiting you.

Outdoor Activities

Starting with a classic: it is hard to resist a day out in the snow. Whether you are an avid skier or prefer to take in the beautiful snowy sights from indoors, there is something for everyone to enjoy this coming winter. As the snowfall increases, everything, including sledding, ice skating, snowboarding and skiing, will become much more exciting. For those who are looking for more competitive activities, snowball fights and snow fort competitions are the perfect way to go. 

Delectable Delights

Sweet treats and baking encompass many of the values that define the holidays. Gingerbread houses and peppermint brownies are popular treats to make and eat during this time of year, making them the perfect activity to do with friends and family. Looking for some inspiration? Look no further because here are 83 Best Holiday Desserts according to Delish that you can recreate in your own kitchen! 

Creating Experiences

Coming up on one of my personal favorites: spending time with loved ones! When it comes to spending quality time with friends and family, there is no limit on what you can do! From sitting outside around a bonfire with snow falling around you to having everyone over for a holiday movie marathon, you will no doubt create fantastic memories to carry with you long past the holidays. 

Holiday Karaoke

Are you interested in showcasing your brilliant vocal skills, or would you rather let your voice shine no matter what it sounds like? In either case, holiday karaoke is the perfect activity to not only become closer to your loved ones, but also to have genuine laughs and sing to your heart’s content. If you are looking for ideas on what songs to sing this coming season, no need to worry. Here is a playlist of the most popular holiday songs that have been released throughout the years.

Taking In The Sights

Last but not least, it is safe to say that spectacular holiday decorations are the highlight of the season. Driving around after the sun has set to thoroughly enjoy these beautiful displays will allow you to both take in some beautiful sights and spend time with the people you love. Want to look even more festive while doing so? Grab some tacky decorations from your local convenience store and make your own ugly sweater! This is the perfect activity to do with others or even by yourself.

During the holiday season, life can be very chaotic. While ensuring you have found the perfect gifts for everyone, decorated your space to perfection, or simply enjoyed the snow, it can be difficult to remember the original plans you had for the holiday season. Although there are certainly many more ventures to take during this wonderful time of the year, it is my hope that this list may have sparked ideas for upcoming gatherings and/or potential get-togethers.