Digital Art: “Bounty Hunter Reborn” and “The Masquerade”

Jack Hiorns

Bounty Hunter Reborn (Jack Hiorns)

Jack Hiorns, junior, “Bounty Hunter Reborn” and “The Masquerade.” They were both done digitally with Clip Studio Paint. The first piece “Bounty Hunter Reborn” was done solely out of my love for Boba Fett’s new look for his show, “The Book of Boba Fett,” and how the black robes contrast his old white/gray ones. The second piece “The Masquerade” was made shortly after a D&D session with my friends where our normally rough and tactically dressed characters were invited to a masquerade and given very pristine clothing; my character “Horus” is depicted here, unsure of his safety, ready to cast a spell.

The Masquerade (Jack Hiorns)