Safe sightseeing Amidst Pandemic Perils


Though the pandemic has curtailed our dream trips for the time being, there is no lack of picturesque views on our recent makeshift vacations.

Raju Rawal

Although COVID-19 set some firm limitations on traveling around the world, many people have found exciting ways to tour new and interesting places while also staying safe during the pandemic. Whether it is taking a road trip across the country or renting an Airbnb, there are so many options for people to keep traveling while staying safe. 


As crowded airplanes could pose a COVID-19 transmissibility risk (especially as the Omicron variant thrives), people around the country are turning to other forms of transportation to reach the same destination. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to avoid the spread of COVID-19 while traveling is to take a road trip! Whether it is driving north to your cabin with a friend or trekking across the country with your whole family, there are multiple ways to travel without lifting off. 

Car Trip 

While it may not seem like the most efficient way to travel, taking a road trip in a car can be a cozy adventure for you and your family or friends. The long hours can be spent playing road trivia or singing along to a road trip playlist. Make sure you pack plenty of snacks and reading material for the ride!


For a more lengthy trip, a large camper or an RV may suit your needs better. Not only does it provide more space to stretch out, but you can take many more people with you. Bigger campers and RVs will include a bathroom and kitchen appliances, which can help you stay on the road for longer periods of time. Although it can be hard to eat when jostling around in the RV, having a built-in kitchen is extremely helpful for food storage on the road, especially since most campers do not fit through a drive-thru.

Campers and RVs are ideal for cross-country trips.


There are plenty of places to stay during your travels that are both safe and affordable. With the right resources, you can find beautiful lodging that perfectly suits your needs while you explore your destination of choice. 

Private Rentals

One of the most important things to consider when traveling during the pandemic is finding a safe place to stay overnight. When crowded hotels are not an option, renting homes through vacation rental websites such as Airbnb has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. You can find rental homes almost anywhere in the world, and they can be less costly than you think. Similar organizations such as VRBO widen the selection with even more beautiful rentals to choose from in your price range.

Staying with friends and family

This pandemic may present the perfect opportunity to stay with friends and relatives who live in places you have yet to explore! It can be the least expensive and perhaps most fulfilling option. Take the opportunity to experience their city or town without the pressures of finding safe lodging. This may be the long-awaited trip with loved ones that you finally get the chance to take!

A beautiful Vrbo rental in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Complete with a pontoon boat and an infinity pool, it was a really fun stay!


Finding outdoor seating

Although nearly every restaurant has opened up indoor seating, the rise of different COVID-19 variants means the best option to avoid transmissibility is to sit in an open-air, outdoor part of the restaurant or café you visit. If dining in the winter, check out the various heated domes that restaurants set up outside, and if dining in warmer weather, enjoy the sun and fresh air!

There are cozy heated domes at Cafe Hollander that you can also find at various restaurants throughout the world! (Visit Madison)


Relax on your trip by ordering food in and taking a moment for yourself. Contactless delivery can be a safe option when it comes to dining, and with a vast array of services, there is no doubt you will be able to find the best one for your needs. Whether it is taking advantage of the awesome pool that came with your rental, curling up with a movie, or sitting on the balcony of your hotel room, this dining option gives you the opportunity to rest and reenergize for another fun day on your trip!

Making food yourself

Perhaps the safest option out there is to just make food yourself. This doesn’t have to be as grueling and time-consuming as it usually is: taking a grocery trip with your travel-mates and diving into recipe books can be an adventure on its own. Cooking also gives you the chance to enjoy your vacation spot even more, taking in the sights from the comfort of your kitchen. 


With these things in mind, you can still have a safe COVID-19 vacation and make it the best one yet!