Five Tips to Beat Senioritis This Semester


Mary Beth Johnson

As the end of the semester approaches slowly but surely, procrastination and stress are at record highs, and it is important to take steps to overcome these things.

Mary Beth Johnson

These days, it can be an ordeal trying to get assignments done for those who have already figured out their post-secondary plans. The busywork, constant tests, and never-ending study sessions of high school have grown boring, and the next chapter of our lives seems a lot more fun. I get it. Heck, I am living it right now. These are the things I have been doing to try to fight the so-called “senioritis” and make it until graduation. 

#1: Chunk Out Assignments

This might seem obvious, but this time of year is a busy time, and things can get overwhelming quickly. It is so important to plan out specific times to get homework done, but it is even more important to be realistic about what you can truly finish. Planning to complete at least one assignment a day is an excellent and doable way to make sure you are submitting homework on time. 

#2: Set Goals

Goals are what keep people motivated, so it makes sense that setting small goals for yourself will help you get through this last semester. For example, a goal of mine is to keep my GPA where it is right now. This helps me gauge what work I need to keep up with and what I can put on the back burner. 

Having trouble coming up with some goals? You aren’t alone. According to senior and fellow classmate of mine, Liza Hopkins, “This semester is testing my limits and it’s so hard not to procrastinate.” 

#3: Find Someone to Vent to

In stressful times, we all could use someone to talk to. Confiding in close friends or, better yet, investing in therapy can be a useful tool in keeping a positive mindset while allowing yourself space to feel emotions. It is so important to find healthy ways to manage any anxiety, anger, and other feelings in order to have a smooth transition from high school to whatever your future plans may be. 

#4: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

This year is not like most, and for some it is the last time they will ever be in school. Nowhere else will you find a group of so many people that you have known since childhood in one place. This year is your chance to do whatever you want! Try out for Fine Arts Week with your friends, join a new club just for the fun of it, pick up a new hobby, or do something you have always wanted to do before your high school experience is over. Keeping a balance of what you need to do versus what you want to do can help reduce stress and procrastination.

#5: Enjoy It!!

Whether you are moving away next year or your friends are, things are about to change dramatically in the fall, so don’t take the people and moments in this last semester for granted. Enjoy these last moments with the people you have grown up with, don’t miss out on the fun activities high school has to offer, and get excited for the next stage of your life.

All in all, this year is a stressful but fun time and it is important to put yourself first. Keep up with your homework, but more importantly, keep up with your friends and family. Happy post-secondary planning!