DECA Students Lead Middleton to Victory at State


Robert Hutchison

Following the big ceremony at Grand Geneva Resort and Spa. From left to right, top to bottom: Aarush Jain (12), Parin Gouraram (9), Rohan Kommuri (12), Nuha Khatri (9), Shreya Ramesh (9), Huda Baloch (9), Vivian Liang (9), Varsha Gouraram (11), Sneha Chandrasekar (11), Madeline Hutchison (11), Jackson Rademacher (12), Franklin Hu (12), Grace DeCroix (12), Nicholas Tangwell (12), Karen Lu (12), Clay Kaufman (12), Rishika Kommuri (9), Raghvi Sethi (9)

Shreya Ramesh and Nuha Khatri

Nineteen Middleton High School Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) members on February 21st  took a trip to Lake Geneva and stayed at the famous Grand Geneva Resort and Spa. The stay was part of the three-day DECA State Development Conference with schools from all over the state of Wisconsin.

Students who participated put in tons of hard work and dedication. Each took a 100-question multiple-choice exam for each of their events in addition to performing role-plays that resembled scenarios they would encounter in a business or marketing professional setting. Some students even went above and beyond to create outstanding presentations for optional events.

DECA advisor and marketing teacher Robert Hutchison strongly supported the team through hours of advice and feedback. 

“I could not have done it without the countless help Mr. Hutch provided me in all the ASR periods I bothered him in,” said Shreya Ramesh, a freshman. The students represented Middleton in a wide variety of events, including. Middleton High School had 11 trophy winners and 15 out of 19 competitors qualified for the International Career Development Conference held in late April in Atlanta, Georgia. 

1st Place

Varsha Gouraram — Apparel and Accessories Marketing

Rohan Kommuri — Food Marketing

Nico Tangwall — Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling

2nd Place

Sneha Chandrashekar — Human Resources

Jackson Rademacher — Accounting Applications

3rd Place

Grace DeCroix — Marketing Communications

Franklin Hu — Entrepreneurship

Aarush Jain — Economics Exam

Clay Kaufman — Restaurant and Food Service Marketing

4th Place

Karen Lu — Financial Consulting

5th Place

Aarush Jain — Accounting Applications

Shreya Ramesh — Financial Consulting

6th Place

Varsha Gouraram — Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling

Shreya Ramesh — Principles of Finance

Honorable Mentions

Huda Baloch and Vivian Liang — Business Law and Ethics Team

Aarush Jain — Financial Consulting

Nuha Khatri — Principles of Business, Management, and Administration

Rishika Kommuri and Punitha Manne — Marketing Management Team

Jackson Rademacher — Financial Consulting


The future looks bright for these talented individuals as they prepare to compete at DECA Internationals. Wishing the team good luck!