GO Dance Outfits 2022

It is no secret our MHS classmates are incredibly creative and fashion-forward. During the recent “enchanted forest” themed dance put on by the Global Outreach (GO) Club, their imaginations truly shone through in their styles. A few students were kind enough to answer questions about what inspired their outfits.

Makena Quick (Junior) Outfit thought process: Butterflies! Earthy! Song that describes outfit: “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift (to fit the Enchanted Forest theme)


Isaiah Chang (Junior)
Outfit thought process: Halloween/spooky
Song that describes outfit: “Vampire Girl” by Misfits


Hannah Boisen (Junior)
Outfit thought process: Fairy-ish! But still in her style
Song to match outfit: “Strangelove” by Depeche Mode


Yifei G. (Sophomore)
Outfit thought process: All black, going for a more “emo” look
Song that describes outfit: “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne


Sam Pomroy & Star Tangwall (Freshmen)
Outfit thought process:
Star: Dress was thrifted. They liked the silver and black.
Sam: They liked the dark green dress; it matched their hair.
Song that describes outfit:
Star: “St. Pleaser” by Wallows
Sam: “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane


Jaeana Sabally-Pryor (Sophomore)
Outfit thought process: Inspired by the 1960s. They wanted an excuse to buy Gogo boots.
Song to match outfit: “Gimme Gimme” by Abba


Corinne Chang (Freshman)
Outfit thought process: Cottagecore and fairies


Lalou Ratsimihah and Matthew Jordan (Juniors)

Whether they spent the night dancing or talking with their friends, no one can deny the effort put into the GO dance, from planning the event to putting together the perfect outfit. This lovely event allowed MHS students to create new memories and create a handful of imaginative outfits and styles. We would love to give a big thanks to the Global Outreach Club, the DJ, and all of the night’s amazing participants!