Thank You.

Dear readers of The Cardinal Chronicle,

I have always said that “newspaper people” are my favorite people. If someone is willing to put themselves out there for the sake of journalism, I know they are someone who is unafraid to be themselves, who will speak out for what they believe in and make friends with the underdog. 

The idea that I could run a club full of those people was a dream of mine. When I was announced as Editor-in-Chief in February of 2020, I could feel that dream coming true. However, change was on the horizon.

In September of 2020, I found myself running The Cardinal Chronicle without an advisor, without a full editorial board, and without in-person school. In what seemed like an impossible situation, I chose to follow the example of those who came before me.

I took Aaron’s leadership skills and perseverance, Mikey’s kindhearted advice and welcoming presence, Henry’s energy and teaching skills, and Alexa’s acceptance of new members, and I made them my own. 

While I didn’t know the faces or voices of most of our new members, I knew their names and writing, their vegan soup recipes, favorite spots in Madison, and opinion on MCPASD’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an isolated time, I saw that writing continued to build connections. 

When we returned to school in-person last September, I was honored to serve our largest staff yet. This year, we have published over 75 articles, more than we have ever published in a year in the history of The Cardinal Chronicle

In my time as Editor-in-Chief, I could note the fact that our average monthly page views quadrupled, that we founded the Art Hub, that we expanded the editorial board to include a photography editor and PR manager, that we won a Student Newspapers Online Award for Excellence in writing… the list goes on. Those accomplishments are impressive, but what I really marvel at is how our staff and readers have allowed this to happen. 

Thank you to the Editorial Boards of the past, present, and future. Thank you to Ms. Kallien. And thank you, readers, for supporting the student voice of Middleton High School. Journalism is more important now than ever. Students need to have their voices heard. Thank you for listening to them.