Music Taste at Middleton High School


Kaelana Faessler

Middleton High School junior Stevee Kraemer enjoys listening to music while she is studying.

Kaelana Faessler

At Middleton High School (MHS), we have many students and lots of diversity, including in our taste in music. Music is a large part of our culture, and there are so many artists, songs and albums available on the internet for us to listen to, and some digging revealed how different and similar our tastes are. When asked what their current favorite song was, the diversity in music taste at MHS became immediately clear. No two interviewees gave the same answer. 

Olivia Kim (11)

Favorite Song: “Davy Crochet” by the Backseat Lovers

Ayden Tagis (10)

Favorite Song: “All in the Name of…” by Motley Crue

Marisa Gorwitz (11)

Favorite Song: “She’s a Gun” by the Greeting Committee                   

Lydia Moxness (10)

Favorite Artist (she couldn’t pick only one favorite song): ASAP Rocky

Andrew Peterman (11)

Favorite Song: “Family Ties” by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar

Jeana Sabally-Pryor (11)

Favorite Song: “Looking for Somebody to Love” by the 1975

Marin Durkee (11)

Favorite Song: “You’re on Your Own Kid” by Taylor Swift

Ms. Boss (AP Psychology Teacher):

Favorite Song: “Surrender to Me” by Fire City Funk


When asked when and where they enjoy listening to music, the interviewees all had very similar answers. 

Aubrie Wade, a junior, said that she listens to music “every single freaking second of the day.” Many other respondents had similar answers, such as social studies teacher Alyssa Boss, who said she listens to music all the time except for when she is sleeping or teaching. Other answers included listening to music while studying, in the car, and while working out.

Another similarity among the responses was the genre of their favorite song. While there were unique answers such as ‘70s disco and glam metal, and classic answers like pop and rap, many respondents said their favorite song fell under a subcategory of the music genre indie. 

Stevee Kraemer, a junior, described her favorite song as “indie rock.” Similar answers from other interviewees included indie pop and alternative indie.

The final question asked of the respondents, “earbuds or headphones,” made it clear that earbuds are the popular choice at MHS for students’ music listening needs; only one respondent, junior Olivia Kim, shared that she prefers headphones.