The Carly Rae Experience

Sarah Larsen

On Wednesday, Nov. 2, Carly Rae Jepsen put on a fabulous performance at the Sylvee in Madison, Wisconsin, as part of the “The So Nice” tour, which began in September of 2022 and ended in November of 2022. This was her North American tour.


Jepsen performed at The Sylvee in Madison. (Sarah Larsen)

Carly Rae Jepsen is widely known for her hit song, “Call Me Maybe,” which was released in 2012, and was one of the most well known songs in the pop genre because of its use by mainstream celebrities and its parodies. It was also known to be very catchy and was a song that people knew and loved, and still do to this day. 

In the years following her one-hit wonder, Jepsen was not as popular as she was when the song first released. But recently, Jepsen came back on everyone’s radar when she came out with her newest album,The Loneliest Time.” Her most famous song on this album is the title track, The Loneliest Time,” which is currently trending on TikTok, where it is used specifically for the bridge, “I’m coming back for you baby, I’m coming back for you.” 

As a Carly Rae Jepsen fan, I had the honor of attending her recent concert at the Sylvee and had the most fabulous Carly Rae experience. Jepsen’s opening act, Empress Of, had a lot of physicality while singing. Her DJ was very excited and involved as well.


A photo I captured of Empress Of. In the photo you can see her dancing, which added to her performance. (Sarah Larsen)

After a few of Empress Of’s club remix songs and a long intermission, Jepsen made her big entrance. A moon projected onto the back wall of the stage introduced Jepsen, and gave the audience a run down of the concert itself. It came back to introduce many of her popular songs.

The moon introduced Jepsen. The visual added to the theme of stars and space and complimented the decorations on the stage. (Sarah Larsen)

The audience went wild when Jepsen hit the stage with her opening song,“This Love Isn’t Crazy,” which was a fun and hype song off of “The Loneliest Time,” and was a good opening song to get the audience excited.

“The So Nice” concert was an amazing experience, with great music and amazing theme with amazing decor. If I absolutely had to rate it, I would give it a thousand out of five stars. It was heartwarming to see an artist that I have known and loved since I was six years old live and in person, and even after all these years I was still in love with her music.