November First or Black Friday: A Christmas Debate


Benjamin Zumbrunnen

What time should Christmas start being celebrated? After Halloween? After Thanksgiving? Later?

Benjamin Zumbrunnen

Movies, lights, carols, family and feasts. Christmas is a holiday celebrated by many across the world, and there are many unique and beautiful ways to celebrate Christmas. It is a holiday that many love and join together to celebrate. But one thing people cannot seem to agree on is when the Christmas season should start.

Some MHS students and staff feel that it is not a conscious choice, that the Christmas spirit just invades you. 

“[The] whole attitude of Christmas just possesses me,” Chris Kirk, a sophomore at Middleton High School (MHS), said. 

Chris started feeling the festive spirit set in on the day after Halloween. He thinks that the presence of Christmas in the media brings him these feelings. 

Others think Christmas should start later than Halloween. 

“Christmas doesn’t need two months,” said freshman Izzy Woods. Woods starts celebrating in early December. 

Lindsey Vogel, a German teacher at MHS, celebrates just a little bit earlier. She starts celebrating after Thanksgiving because she likes to “give Thanksgiving its moment.” This perspective is shared by Eve Kaegebein, a senior. She believes that “right after October is way too early.” 

While after Halloween or after Thanksgiving seem to be popular choices, others feel it should start even later. 

“A week before Christmas is when I celebrate it,” said Alice Yang, a junior at MHS. 

According to Yang, presents, the tree and the Christmas meal are the integral part of Christmas, and she does not see a need to celebrate further.

So, people disagree on when Christmas should start. But is it really cause for a debate? According to some, yes. 

Woods believes that people who celebrate before Thanksgiving are wrong, and that they should “let Thanksgiving exist.” This sentiment is shared by Eve Keagebein who says to those who celebrate before Thanksgiving, in a brutally honest ruling, “You’re bad.” For some students, it is apparent, there is a clear-cut time for when you should start celebrating. 

Other students have a less divisive point of view. They believe other people should be allowed to decide for themselves when they start celebrating. 

“You cannot regulate Christmas,” said  Kirk. 

Kirk is a strong believer that no one should interfere with his feelings, including those regarding Christmas. 

“People should live their lives celebrating what they want to celebrate[…] It’s not my job to tell you when you should celebrate,” said Vogel. 


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