MHS Theatre Performs One-Act Play at WITF


Katrina Brunner

The cast and crew of “The Perfect Ending” after their performance at the Wisconsin Interscholastic Theatre Festival. From left to right: Tori Felten (9), Katie Decabooter (9), Sophia Ortiz-Luyova (10), Blu Ginko (10), Helena Harris (9), Ava Leonhardt (9), Chunshower Yang (12), Shay Roy-Lewis (9), Sylvie Schmitz (10), Tina Pham (11), Keira Marckel (11), Star Tangwall (10), Jayda Mand (10), Reese Johanningmeier (11), Ella Baldock (9), Julia Burkholder (10), Juliette Mandelbrodt (11), Rebekah Stine (10), Kate Vatthauer (12), Isa Garay (12), Aydin Rosas (10), Umber Gill (10), Matthew Jordan (12), Eli Tedesco (12), Ahna Higgins (12), Natalie Feagan (11), Rose Hulsey (10), and Audrey Vandervest (9). Not pictured: Kennedy Wagner (12), Finnigan Dialogos (9), Leela Benson (9), Lizzy Robinson (9), and Ashanty Sanabria Adame (11).

Keira Marckel

On Nov. 19, 2022, Middleton High School (MHS) Theatre presented “The Perfect Ending” at the State Wisconsin Interscholastic Theatre Festival (WITF). They received all possible awards, which were Critic’s Choice, Ensemble, Directing and Technical Theatre. Additionally, Isa Garay (12) and Reese Johanningmeier (11) both won awards for their acting.

The WITF has been held each year since 1930. It provides Wisconsin’s middle and high schools with an opportunity to present their one-act plays to a panel of judges and compete against one another in district, sectional and, finally, state competitions. While students are not busy performing at the festival, they can participate in theatre workshops and watch showcase productions.

The cast and crew of “The Perfect Ending” began work on the production back in late September. After performing twice at MHS and once at Waunakee Community High School, they saw their hard work come to fruition at the state competition hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

B. Dwayne Craft’s “The Perfect Ending” is a comedy about a 1950s dinner party that is perfect in all ways but one: the end of the world is imminent. The story features an array of compelling characters, each adding to the chaos of the evening in their own way. 

Isa Garay (12) played Mother, who is committed to hosting the perfect dinner party despite impending disaster. Father, played by Matthew Jordan (12), appears unbothered, focusing on reading his newspaper as disorder unfolds. One by one, unexpected guests start to arrive at the house, all preparing for the end of the world in their own ways.

Directed by Katrina Brunner and designed by Zane Enloe, the production’s blend of impressive acting, lighting, sound, props, costumes, hair and makeup makes for an incredible show, deserving of its outstanding scores in competition. For more pictures and information, visit the MHS Theatre website.



Isa Garay (12) – Mother

Matthew Jordan (12) – Father 

Helena Harris (9) – Son

Lizzy Robinson (9) – Little Sister

Rebekah Stine (10) – Civil Defense Warden

Eli Tedesco (12) – Grandpa

Ahna Higgins (12) – Nurse Jane

Reese Johanningmeier (11) – Martha

Aydin Rosas (10) – George

Shay Roy-Lewis (9) – Avon Lady

Jayda Mand (10) – Susie Smith

Chunshower Yang (12) – Insurance Salesman

Tina Pham (11) – Political Activist

Sophia Ortiz Luyova (10) – Political Activist

Sylvie Schmitz (10) – Political Activist

Audrey Vandervest (9) – Dorothy Martin

Natalie Feagan (11) – Follower

Katie Deacbooter (9) – Follower

Ashanty Sanabria Adame (11) – Follower

Tori Felten (9)- Shriner

Rose Hulsey (10) – Shriner

Ella Baldock (9) – Shriner


Alissa Berman – Production Manager

Joe Berman – Lighting and Sound Guide

Kennedy Wagner (12) – Assistant Director

Juliette Mandelbrodt (11) – Stage Manager

Blu Ginko (10) – Assistant Stage Manager

Finnigan Dialogos (9) – Assistant Stage Manager

Umber Gill (10) – Lighting

Julia Burkholder (10) – Sound

Leela Benson (9) – Props

Star Tangwall (10) – Costumes

Keira Marckel (11) – Costumes

Kate Vatthauer (12) – Hair and Makeup

Ava Leonhardt (9) – Hair and Makeup