Best Tips and Tricks from MHS Math Teachers to Stay Engaged Over Winter Break


Kavya Kashyap

Photo of CPM Geometry books on a shelf in Ms. Hommowun’s room. The windowsill is decorated with snowflakes in celebration of the upcoming season and break.

Kavya Kashyap

Math can be a tiring subject, but it is a part of every high school student’s life, not to mention a graduation requirement. As winter break and finals approach, it is important to keep practicing. Math is all around us, from your height to the number of holiday lights you see around your neighborhood. As a holiday gift for you, some of Middleton High School’s math teachers have compiled a list of math games and tips to enjoy throughout the break.

1. Homework

Math teacher Erin Hommowun suggests completing homework as a good way to practice math over winter break. It is not the most enjoyable activity, but it is something to consider to keep you familiar with everything you have learned throughout the semester. To jazz it up, try listening to winter music.

2. Reviewing Math Notes

Going through math notes is an excellent way to keep up with math concepts you learned before the break. 

“A lot of students write the math notes and don’t look at them again,” math teacher Kelsey Vosters said. “It is important to revisit and reread your math notes throughout the semester so that you can keep building your knowledge of the concepts.” 

3. Extra Resources Online

For those who don’t particularly enjoy completing homework, Vosters suggests using resources such as Khan Academy or Quizlet, which provide various examples as well as opportunities to test your knowledge. Testing yourself can make review a more engaging and fun experience to do alone or with friends.

4. YouTube Videos

Simply searching up “math tricks” will bring up a plethora of cool ideas to check out. Vosters recommends “Professor Dave Explains.” 

“This YouTube page offers explanation-based videos for various topics,” Vosters said. It also provides many helpful visuals.

5. Math Jokes

G. Patrick Vennebush’s “Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks” is a book recommended by Hommowun. With various jokes, it is a fun way to use math to enjoy the holidays. Really, any math joke can make math a fun family topic for break.

6. Calculator Games

Hommowun also recommends Texas Instruments, the manufacturer of most calculators we use, who also has many games to familiarize yourself with math concepts. 

Click here for the link: TI’s Gift to You! 12 Days of Holiday Math Challenges.


While winter break is usually a break from schoolwork, taking the time to look through math concepts is crucial to being able to spring back easily when school returns. Trying out new ways to practice and view math can help make it a much more fun and entertaining experience.