Club Spotlight: Minds Matter

Asher Boorstein

Students might be more stressed than ever. According to the American Psychological Association, 75 percent of American students report “moderate or severe psychological stress.” For many students, school seems like a juggling routine of responsibilities and commitments, including school work, sports and clubs. While it is important for students to show dedication to these tasks, it is also essential to recognize the toll that students are taking upon themselves as they encounter daily stress and anxiety. Prioritizing academic and extracurricular success over one’s own mental health can be harmful.

In order to combat the mental toll recent years have had on students, a Middleton High School student-run organization called Minds Matter was created to destigmatize mental health challenges, raise awareness and provide opportunities to be involved in the community regarding the importance of mental health.

“My goal at the start [of Minds Matter] was to educate the student body on the importance of mental health and create a base of people that would be interested in supporting our students or staff and whatever they need when it comes to mental health,” said Eliana Ross, founding president of Minds Matter.

Minds Matter meets monthly to plan activities for students to release stress or provide a safe space for talking about stress or generate more awareness of mental health. Minds matter also plans fundraisers and activities to raise money and support local mental health organizations.

Mental illness reports have surged throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with the lockdown forcing people to reconfigure their way of life, “More than 37% of highschool students reported having poor mental health during the pandemic.” according to the CDC. Lockdown may be over, but there are many traumatic events still occurring in the United States affecting the mental health of a vast number of people, including students. As of september of 2022, “ nearly 10% of all Americans suffur from moderate to severe depression” According to US News.

Mental health is as essential as other bodily functions, and it must be cared for with the same urgency. 

“It’s important for students to care…physical health [and] mental health take part in our lives and they play a role in how we function,” said Ross. “Just as you think about your physical health and your body, you want to take care of it by eating right and exercising.”

Students who are interested in spreading awareness on the importance of mental health or receiving support concerning their mental health should consider stopping by a Minds Matter meeting. The club is open to anybody and everyone at Middleton High School. Minds Matter usually meets once a month in the North Library. The Minds Matter Instagram also has meeting information and dates.