New Music Monthly: March 2023

Poppy Wedding

March saw many announcements and releases for music, from the biggest of big artists to the smallest of small ones. Spanning across many genres, The Cardinal Chronicle is back again with New Music Monthly to soundtrack your spring break. 

Alix Page

It was a big month for rising artist, Alix Page. She released two songs, the first being “Automatic” and the second called “4Runner.” “Automatic” is a short and sweet song about not being able to get over someone after a breakup. 

In addition to two new releases, on March 3, Page also announced her very first headline tour. She will be playing ten shows across the United States in May. Page has also been teasing an EP for several months along with these announcements. This EP will be her second; Page released a four-track EP in the beginning of 2022 and garnered fans while touring with various artists that year. 

Leith Ross

As mentioned in February’s New Music Monthly, Leith Ross recently announced a United States and United Kingdom tour. At the top of the month, they announced that their debut album, “To Learn,” will be released on May 19, just in time for their tour. Along with this announcement, Ross released a single from the album entitled “Guts.” Ross wrote this song about wanting to get revenge on the person that sexually abused them, but they do not have the guts

Isabel Pless

This month, Isabel Pless released the angry breakup anthem for that person you cannot get over, called “Little Life.” After receiving a hateful comment from her ex boyfriend, Pless wrote the song in one sitting. The lyrics are bold and powerful, much like the rest of Pless’ discography. The opening lines set the tone for the whole song: “I hope hell’s hotter than you thought it’d be/ I hope people stop listening when you speak.” Many of Pless’ other breakup songs have had a sad, yearning energy and emotion to them, but this one is different. Her lyrical choices are unique and descriptive, and the song as a whole has an angry, almost energetic feel. 


boygenius (stylized in all lowercase), who The Cardinal Chronicle featured in January, had an exciting announcement for fans on March 1. The band surprise-dropped a single from their upcoming album. “Not Strong Enough” is an indie rock song with roots in folk and even country. Much like the rest of the band’s discography, each member does vocals on a different verse, joining together in the chorus to make a rich, blended sound. Along with the song, boygenius also released a self-taped music video filled with videos of a road trip the friends took around California. The song is the sixth track on their album “the record,” set to release on March 31. 

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour began on March 17, five years after the end of her last tour. In this time, she released six albums, making the demand for this tour greater than ever. Swift’s tour demand  led to the infamous TicketMaster fiasco last December, where the well-known ticket distribution site literally shut down mid-sale. Many fans were angry after waiting in the virtual queue for hours only to be met with a sold-out stadium. 

Those who were able to snag tickets had the night of their lives in Glendale, Arizona — renamed “Swift City” for the occasion. Swift played a 44-song set over the course of three hours, spanning through every one of her “eras,” or albums. With such a broad repertoire, there was something for everyone in the show, from the hardcore Swifties to Swift’s newest fans. 

Along with beginning her tour in March, Swift released four new songs. The superstar has been re-recording old music that she lost ownership of after her record label sold ownership rights to another company, and this month Swift re-recorded three such songs. The fourth, a new song entitled “All The Girls You Loved Before,” gained traction on social media platforms like TikTok before being released. 


March was one for the books when it comes to new music releases, tours and more. From record breaking tours to releases from underground artists, New Music Monthly will have a lot to talk about in the upcoming months.