Why You Should Delete TikTok


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The TikTok logo. Many are familiar with the social media app because of its popularity.

Sarah Larsen

TikTok is a social media app where users can create, share and watch short videos. The app is a popular main attraction to many young people around the world. However, as great as TikTok is made out to be, you should delete it if you have not already.

TikTok can alter the way your brain works because it is addictive, to put it plainly. Every day, American students spend an average of 113 minutes on TikTok, and some spend even more. People can find themselves spending hours scrolling through the app, because there is an endless amount of videos to scroll through and watch. 

The reason why it captures so many peoples’ attention for so long is because constant scrolling to the next exciting thing releases a chemical in the body called dopamine. This feel-good neurotransmitter is released while watching videos on the app, which can make it scarily addictive. Hey reader, you thought TikTok was just a waste of time? Well, guess what, it’s actually addictive too. Pretty scary, right?

“It’s hard because I try to do other things but I instead just end up on my phone,” a sophomore from Middleton High School (MHS), who requested anonymity, said.

Moreover, in my own personal experience, I have found it hard to put down my phone when using TikTok. Due to my endless hours of scrolling on the app, I noticed my attention span began to shorten, as it has with many other young people today.

Another thing to note about TikTok is that creativity amongst younger generations has decreased since the start of its widespread use. Of course, there have always been widespread trends, such as in fashion, that people like to keep up with, but it is so much more than that now. For example, I have noticed that a lot of the younger generations’ humor comes from TikTok, which not only leaves less room for creativity when coming up with their own jokes but also separates them from older generations who don’t find such things as important. 

Something else I noticed about TikTok is that people tend to use the app as a way to form their own opinions on a topic, and from my experience on the app, this can be used against you. The good thing about letting TikTok help form your opinions is getting to connect with others who feel the same way. However, the downside is that TikTok very often feeds its users false information, because anyone can post on TikTok, and anyone can also spread fake information. 

In addition, there is the TikTok algorithm, which uses content you interact with in order to give you more content like that, which, in turn, can give you more of what you want to hear, which does not give you a chance to look at other opinions. TikTok is a confirmation bias machine.

Not only that, but  the TikTok algorithm is a threat to personal privacy as well. The app can invade your privacy because it is able to see everything and everyone users interact with. TikTok also collects information regarding a user’s name, age, email, phone number, networks they use, contacts they have and more. 

Finally, there is also political controversy over the app. Based in China, Tik Tok and its parent company ByteDance pose a potential national threat to the United States and are under suspicion for potentially gathering data about its American users for Chinese intelligence. The Biden administration is even demanding that TikTok be sold or become banned because of its issues involving security.

Recently, the United States Senate passed a bill to ban TikTok from government devices. The White House gave government agencies 30 days to ensure this as of Feb. 27, 2023. Universities such as University of Wisconsin-Madison have also banned TikTok on system devices.

Taking all of the dangers of this social media app into account, I would not recommend that you download, keep or use TikTok. Not only does TikTok affect your psychological health, but it also leaks private information that you would not even expect to be collected. For the sake of your well-being, you should delete TikTok.


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