An Overview of Fine Arts Week 2023


Middleton High School’s Performing Arts Center: where all the wonderful Fine Arts Week performances took place and where all the seats were filled with excited audiences.

Irene Lee

The week of March 20-24 this year, Middleton High School (MHS) held Fine Arts Week, an annual celebration of the fine arts through performances, demonstrations and workshops. 

Students and staff alike shined onstage. Teachers signed their classes so students could watch the Fine Arts Week performances. The audiences clearly had a blast, and the performers had an extraordinary time as well.

Although Fine Arts Week happens annually at MHS, the performances are different each year, making it special and exciting to watch each time. During this week, many students begged teachers to go down to the Performing Arts Center to watch the talented performers.

“I loved Fine Arts Week,” said student performer Mallory Peters. “Being in a choir has been such an amazing experience this year and I love seeing everyone perform and show off what they can do.”

Fine Arts Week had many positives. It was a way for students to learn about different music in different countries, different dances and different arts. People enjoyed Fine Arts Week, but there were also some issues that were encountered.

“I know a lot of my friends performing got marked absent and missed a lot of material during class even though they were performing, so just communicating more with teachers about Fine Arts Week schedule and how much their students will be gone,” said Ava Greenberg, a student performer at Fine Arts Week. 

Communicating with teachers about the Fine Arts Week schedule would be beneficial due to the timing of the Fine Arts Week. This year, Fine Arts Week was the week before spring break, meaning a lot of teachers were giving out tests.

Besides this issue, Fine Arts Week is way more positive than negative. Fine Arts Week 2023 was definitely one to remember, as it is every year.