MHS Theatre Celebrates Thespis

Mawuenam Dossa

With the end of the school year approaching, many Middleton High School (MHS) clubs and activities are holding parties and celebrations to reflect on the year. MHS Theatre Club members take this to an extreme with their Thespis celebration. 

Thespis is an award ceremony that honors International Thespian Society members for their dedication to the act and sends seniors off at the end of their final year of theater. 

Thespis was a red carpet event with groups of people taking pictures in front of friends, family and Jenny Washburn, MHS Theatre’s esteemed photographer. Everyone showed off their get-ups like it was the Met Gala. There were big names, flashy outfits and a positive vibe all around.


Sophomore Luke Latino participated in stage crew, running props on and off the stage for MHS’s April production of Into the Woods.He occasionally helped create props as well. 

Sophomore Owen Sehgal enjoyed his first time at Thespis, surrounded by friends and fellow theatre members. He has been an actor in many MHS productions, including last year’s musical “Newsies.” This year, he played the lead role of Jack in “Into the Woods.” He has expressed his sadness about the departure of the seniors but is still excited to see what the future brings to the theater program.

Maddie Sorenson, a senior at MHS, was at Thespis as well. Throughout her high school career, she has been a major part of the theater program with her most recent roles being a cheerleader in the 2023 fall play “She Kills Monsters” and Cinderella’s Mother in “Into the Woods” this year. With this being her last year, she is sad to leave the program but she plans to pursue acting at the Savannah College of Art and Design next year.

The Thespis ceremony was filled with congratulations to all the people there, including MHS Theatre Director Katrina Brunner and other faculty members involved in the program. 

There was an open-mic opportunity where some brave individuals did stand-up comedy skits similar to SNL or gave us a story time as some pre-show for the crowd. Honors were bestowed upon dedicated actors and crew members who were inducted into the International Thespian Society. 


The theater’s student leadership also gave out awards, including “mock awards”. These, unlike the actual awards from the International Thespian Society, were decided by the student board and based off of the highlights of the year. Some of these awards include two gravestones (for playing two dead characters in two shows), a box of twizzlers (for being the “twizziest”) and the coolest broom of all time (for the best broom choreography this year).

A senior video compilation was also shown where each senior said their favorite productions they had been a part of and shared memories. They gave advice to next year’s members and announced their future plans. To wrap up, each senior was given a journal personalized with their name. The ceremony ended with a feast of cake and lemonade for all to enjoy.