Chicago Rap Artist Taylor Bennett to Perform at Majestic Theatre

Since his entry to the rap scene in 2014, 21-year-old Taylor Bennett has not stopped his hustle. Bennett is the brother of one of the most influential artists in the music industry, Chance the Rapper. In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Bennett recognized, “I will always be his little brother. I can be more famous than Chance, and I’ll still be his little brother.” Taylor and Chance share similar qualities in their music that are admired by many — the raspy rap-singing, the affection for soulful tones, the lyrical, poetic verses, the understanding of life’s truths and the determination to make a positive impact on the world.

In a January 2017 tweet, Bennett came out as bisexual. He wrote, “I’d like to be more open about myself to help others that struggle with the same issues . . . I do recognize myself as a bisexual male.” Fans quickly expressed their firm support for Taylor, who chose to come out as the LGBTQ+ community prepared for the possible hardships of a Trump-Pence presidency.

In 2014, Bennett released his projects, The Taylor Bennett Show and Freshman Year: 1st Semester EP. Two years later, he dropped his album, Broad Shoulders, which included his first collaboration with brother, Chance the Rapper. On February 2017, Taylor rolled out his soulful album, Restoration of an American Idol, a project featuring Lil Yachty, Kyle, Chance the Rapper, Jeremih, and Mike Will Made It. This album brims with impassioned, conscious, and poetic music that at times, bests his brother, Chance.

Bennett told Billboard Magazine that the title, Restoration of an American Idol, was developed through his yearning to restore “being yourself” to the hip-hop industry. This is displayed throughout the entirety of his 2017 album, in songs such as “Grown Up Fairy Tales,” and “Favorite Colors.”

Taylor’s expeditious rise has lead to sold out shows across his hometown, Chicago, and a feature on the cover of The Chicago Reader. He embarked on his 40-day, 29 city, Restoration of an American Idol tour in Washington D.C. on February 26th. His tour will take him to Madison’s Majestic Theatre, where he will perform on Thursday, March 8th. Doors open at 7:00 pm, with the performance beginning at 8:00 pm. The tickets are 15 dollars, and the show is for all ages. It is primed to be an ardent and heart-pounding show.

In an interview with Fader Magazine, Bennett declared, “I hope my music brings memories and thoughts to people’s mind, so when they get older it’s not just a song. I want it to be a memory.”