Defeating Pessimism in Our Lives

Despite many of our lives being filled with happy moments, we tend to dwell on our challenges. While many of us hope that we will be the optimistic one in any given situation, it can be difficult to shun pessimism altogether. Pessimism is defined as the mental attitude which causes individuals to see the worst aspects or expect the worst. Our negativity isn’t always internally generated, so the people we surround ourselves with can impact our negativity. For many individuals, its difficult to find happiness in the daily grind of life. Nevertheless, when we begin to let pessimism rule our lives, finding the positives becomes even more arduous. Below is a compiled list of 10 small acts that can lead to a more positive and optimistic life.

  1. Compliment two or more people per day.

The thought of contributing to another’s happiness is one that can put anyone in a good mood. This small act not only impacts you but another person as well. While helping yourself overcome negativity, you can make someone else just as happy.

  1. Write down your problems.

Avoiding problems is commonly not the route to take. Writing your problems on paper can help you to organize your thoughts, and make sense of your feelings. In many cases, we begin to find problems in everything, but when we discover the origins of our negative energy, then the small problems become more trivial.

  1. Organize something.

In many cases, the spaces we frequent can represent our lives. When your room is in disarray, do you also feel clustered in other aspects of your life? Organizing can help to indirectly fix problems. If you are avoiding confrontation, then organizing something else may give you the illusion of accomplishment. When the rest of your life is organized, everything else begins to fall in suit.

  1. Exercise.

Predominantly exercise has had a negative connotation, despite all of its benefits. Physical activity requires the individual to have determination and resilience. Exercising can encompass many different tasks. This means that you can bike, walk, shoot hoops or do yoga and they are all considered exercise. Overtime, physical activity may cause you may feel more energetic, less worried, have a better attitude, and more confidence. This can be attributed to the production of endorphins, which are beneficial for our body.

  1. Take a long shower or bath.

A long shower or bath allows for reflection on life. Sometimes removing all other thoughts and thinking solely of the problem at hand can help to find a solution. You may even feel cleansed of negative energy.

  1. Listen to music.

Music is like medication for the soul. Humans have always connected strongly to music, and sometimes we need a song to empower us to move forward. The music itself may not cure our unhappiness, but it certainly can inspire us to be more motivated to solve our problems.

  1. Go for a walk.

Nature is proven to help heal individuals. In a 2015 study conducted by Stanford, 60 participants were assigned to either walk in the city or in nature for 90 minutes. After the walk, results showed that those in nature had an increase in positive emotions and less anxiety from their scores before the hike. When comparing these participants to those in the city, the nature participants had overall more positive effects.

  1. Set Goals.

Goal setting can be very beneficial to your overall happiness. When we see ourselves as a work in progress, our problems become minor setbacks. Creating goals will allow you to have something to work for and an endpoint. When setting goals make sure that your goals are realistic and achievable. The creation of impossible goals will only lead to disappointment.

  1. Bake.

Who doesn’t love to eat delicious food? Not only do you get to be rewarded with your dish, but you also get to take credit for creating it. Sometimes a sense of accomplishment is all you need to cheer you up. Just remember to follow the recipe!

  1. Consult a trusted friend.

It is difficult to see other perspectives when you are limited to your own. Getting a trusted friend’s opinion may open your mind to solutions you hadn’t thought of previously.


No matter how you deal with pessimism, the first step is acknowledgment. The ability to recognize your negative energy can allow you to take action and control over your life. As individuals, we are the ones who allow pessimism in our lives. Through regular healthy actions, we can reduce this infringing negativity.